Web application

GTS - Global Trackin System

    GTS web is the older version of an application for tracking vehicles and people, that is still being developed and updated for everyday use by users.
    GTS web was used for many years with the following functionalities:

  • Live vehicle and people tracking on a map
  • Grouping of vehicles and group ploting and tracking.
  • Possibility to administrate your employees and give them access to specific groups with specific areas of the application
  • Generisanje različitih zveštaja za grupna i pojedinačna vozila, kao što stu perfomanse, prekoračenja brzine, vremenski pregled - vožnja/zaustavljanje, vremenska vožnja u okviru radnog i neradnog vremena itd
  • Podrška za više tipova mapa: Google, Bing, Contrast, OpenstreetMap
  • Eksport svih izveštaja u CSV, Excel, PDF, XML formatu

FMS - Fleet Management System

    FMS web is the newer version of an application for tracking vehicles and people and is currently in its prime development cycle, but can still be used everyday by users.
    The main difference between GTS and FMS application is that the FMS is applying new web technologies that enable the implementation of additional functions and modules that would satisfy even the most demanding users. The final goal for FMS web is to have all the functionalities of its older version GTS web and have room for new ones. FMS web is still in its beta stage so any bug and problem you see should be reported to us.

    Next to GTS functionalities, FMS also has a plan to implement and optimize the following:

  • Service book for vehicles and drivers
  • Importing your own POI points
  • Importing your own border zones
  • Sending notifications based od input data, data such as entering and leaving the zone, speeding over set limit, expired vehicle registration, expired drivers licenses, fire extinguisher expiration etc.
  • More advanced graphs and statistics
  • API - ability to connect your "third party" applications to our system.
  • Ticketing system for easier problem reporting or posting up requested features that you would like to see implemented in the future.
  • Multilingual interface
  • Other functionalities that speed up work and allow you to have easier work with FMS web compared to the older version GTS web application